Macchine fascettatrici prodotti

Sleeving Machines

VIMCO manufactures sleeving machines for a wide range of solutions. These machines are indicated for placing a cardboard band around a single product (e.g. ready meal trays, ready meal containers, dessert cups, etc.) or a group of products (e.g. jars, bricks, cans, bottles, etc.). The band is then sealed with hot-melt glue or interlocking flaps. Electronic speed regulation and machine management controlled via operator panel.

The machines may have a fixed or adjustable format, and the average time for format change is about 5–10 minutes. Automatic format change is available as option. The range of VIMCO sleeving machines is available with a variety of different machine pitches to meet the various needs of our customers. Our sleeving machines are designed for different closing systems (bottom, side, top, etc.).

VIMCO has the know-how and the experience to meet the needs of each customer, manufacturing special sleeving machines for specific uses. Our R&D department is at the complete disposal of our customers to discuss any specific needs and find the best solution for any application requirements.

Over the years VIMCO has installed a large number of machines for standard and special purposes all over the world, helping to solve issues related to specific applications, the working environment and the integration into existing packaging lines.

Main Features:

– Electronically adjustable speed
– Operator control panel
– Average time for format change about 5–10 minutes
– Available in painted or stainless steel versions

Special applications are available upon request for different box sizes or shapes
Machines compliant with the EU Directives